Itchy and red eyes are common, and often one accompanies the other. The eyes turn red because the small blood vessels on the surface of the eyeball are enlarged. Usually, they are not visible, but under the influence of an external stimulus or disease, the blood vessels become brighter. There are also bloodshot spots in the sclera area.

Associated symptoms

Severe redness of the eye is not the only sign of inflammation. Other symptoms are also worth paying attention to:

profuse lacrimation;
Fear of light, discomfort from being outdoors for a long time on a sunny day;
deterioration of vision;
painful sensations.

If you feel itching or pain, first check for a foreign body in your eye – a grain of sand, a hair or an eyelash. If you don’t find one, don’t rub your eyes, or the discomfort will only increase.

How to get rid of red eyes?

The treatment depends on what caused the dilated blood vessels and the itching and pain. If it’s a lack of vitamins, you need to replenish it with a suitable complex – the result will not be instantaneous, but excellent. Reconsider your diet: add to it as much useful products as possible.

If the cause is overstrain, gymnastics for the eyes can save you. It also helps to lie for a while with your eyes closed using a moisturizing mask. If you do not have such a mask – replace it with a cool compress.

Perhaps your eyes are red from lack of sleep and a poor daily routine, in which case it may be worth working on. Try to go to bed early and in time you will notice that your vision is as sharp as before and the discomfort is gone. Another solution is the Optivar eye drops or a similar medicine